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NextLevel Performance


Alex Garcia


Megan Frye

Assistant Coach, Message Therapist
  • B.S. Kinesiology
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
  • Functional Movement Systems Level 1-2 (FMS)
  • USATF Level 1

Ryan Varner

Head Coach/Director

Who Is NextLevel Performance?

You might know us for our chiropractic and rehab services offered to the Austin community. But we offer more than that now. We offer personalized, hands-on training services to help you reach your specific athletic and fitness goals—whether it’s to increase strength, improve form and mobility or get prepared for an upcoming race or competition.

What We Do

We like to think of ourselves as THE trainers for athletes—novice and mature. We offer individual and semi-private training sessions that focus on purposeful, intentional training. Training that ensures each athlete establishes a foundation of accurate movement and strength that leads to longer, healthier seasons with improved performance, injury resistance and resiliency.
We want to help you:
Move better.
Feel better.
Perform better.
Live better.

Performance Pyramid

We accomplish all of this by focusing on the Performance Pyramid:

How It Works

How does it work?
The difference with Next Level Performance is there isn’t ONE formula (well, except for some basic fundamentals) that works for all athletes. We start where you and your abilities are, and work towards where you want to be.
We build a performance program for you.
It’s a strategic program grounded in science, years of experience and just as important, some fun. You will never be lost in the mix. You will be front and center. You will be pushed and challenged. And you will learn the right way to do things that improve your performance for the long-term.
It takes 2 steps to get started:
  1. One-on-one movement assessment with Ryan.
    Remember, we start where you are.
  2. Outline a comprehensive, yet accessible program over a specific period of time.
    We build the right program for you and your specific goals.

Types of Athletes

We believe everyone is an athlete, and we have the experience and ability to work with all types. There are a lot of athletes that are unaware of the ability they can reach a higher level of fitness when armed with a higher quality of training. We want to help you reach the NextLevel.

Train with Next Level Performance

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